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Zara Restaurant wealdstone TURKISH CUISINE Located in Wealdstone, Zara Restaurant offers delicious and freshly-made tastes of Turkish cuisine. To view our menu click the link below.
Zara Restaurant Wealdstone


Here at Zara Restaurant, we love everything about food, especially if it is coming from the country that offers the perfect blend of Anatolian cuisines. With our freshly prepared starters, you will taste the best selections Turkish kitchen, and with our main dishes including delicious kebabs, you will feel the great flavours of the Anatolian cuisine.

Our Menu

Great selection of the authentic Turkish cuisine which will bring pleasure to your tables

£ 7.20

Marinated lean tender pieces of quality lamb cubes on skewers

Chicken Shish
£ 6.90

Marinated lean chunks of chicken cubes on skewers

Mixed Shish
$ 9.60

Lamb shish and chicken shish

Adana Kofte
£ 6.50

Minced lamb kofte seasoned with pepper, onion and spices char-grilled on skewers

Mixed Kebab
£ 15.50

Adana, Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish and mixed doner with rice

Extra Mix Kebab
£ 19.50

Adana, lamb shish, chicken shish, 8 pieces chicken wings and mixed doner with rice

Lamb Ribs
£ 8.90

Succulent lamb ribs, grilled over charcoal with chips or rice

Zara Special (For 2-3 People)
£ 32.50

Adana, chicken shish, lamb shish, 4 pieces lamb ribs, 8 pieces chicken wings, mixed doner and 2 pieces of lamb chops with rice

Fresh Ingredients

healthy meals

Turkish Taste

Eating Well


Hummus is one of the most popular side meal for several cuisines with its healthy and fresh ingredients.

With its creamy texture made of mashed chickpeas and other flavorful ingredients such as tahini, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, Hummus is always a good start to the meal.

Aubergine Ezme

Ezme is a very common Turkish mezze as a Roasted eggplant salad.

With a bit of hot red pepper paste and fresh components like tomato, onion, herbs, and pure olive oil create this surprisingly obscure, yet delightful and very appetising mezze.


Cacik is one of the Mediterranean cold appetizer (meze) or a side dish which goes well with spicy Turkish recipes because of its refreshing yoghurt-cucumber base.

Turkish cacik is made of salted creamy yoghurt, blended with cucumbers, garlic, olive oil and herbs like fresh dill and mint. Preferably consumed in summer time.


Dolma which can be explained as stuffed dishes is a traditional Turkish recipe which may be made in various different styles.

In Lokma, you will find the stuffed vine leaves style dolma with rice, onion, mint, dill, parsley, nuts & olive oil in it.

Sucuk Izgara

Grilled Turkish beef sausages, served with salad


Lightly fried chickpeas, parsley, onions, garlic and coriander served with hummus and salad